2016 Grandfathered underaged players (over 50 division)
updated 6/2/2016
Team First Name Last Name Birth Date Turning Age in 2016
Ancient Rangers Tom McCarver 5/13/1970 47
Mavericks Curt Olson 5/19/1968 49
Mavericks Arron Gibbons 6/14/1968 49
Mavericks Dave Cassidy 2/12/1968 49
Silverbacks John Kaminski 6/12/1968 49
Yellow Rangers Steve Oh 9/30/1969 48
Note: MSSL new rule allows a underage player to stay with his team as listed above. However, should the underage player be eliminated from his team or leave his team and want to join another team he can only join a 40 and up team as he no longer qualifies for the 50 and up age teams.

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